Low Ceiling and Small Loft Conversions – Options & Ideas

Low Ceiling and Small Loft Conversions

A loft conversion is one of the popular options, allowing homeowners to put their available attic space into use. It allows them to maximise the functional area inside their homes. However, loft conversion can be daunting for properties with low ceiling height. In such cases, the type and method required for your loft conversion will […]

What Are Modular Loft Conversions?

What Are Modular Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are a popular way of increasing living space and adding estate value to residential properties. The most common loft conversions include rooflight, dormer, mansard, and hip to gable. However, another kind is gaining popularity these days: Modular loft conversions. These loft conversions use pre-fabricated modules or compartments of a loft based on clients’ […]

How to Keep Your House Warm This Coming Winter Season

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Winters are fast approaching, and few have paid any heed to the heating needs of their houses. If you plan in advance and figure out the exact needs of your house well before time, then you will be much better off than those who are waiting for the season to fully approach. If you set […]

All About Loft Lighting and Its Different Options

Loft Lights

What is Loft Lighting Have you ever thought of how to better make use of the upper portion of your house that is littered with unused items, cobwebs, and dust? Uplifting it would be an obvious solution, but how to do that? The first step should be to improve its lighting. After all, loft lighting […]

Tips to Keep an Open-Plan House Warm

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Open floor plans have remained the current architectural trend in new residential construction for a few decades. The concept of open floor plans is in demand after doing various remodelling efforts that aim to merge different areas, such as kitchen, dining room and living room. An open-plan home has numerous advantages, including improved natural light, […]

Boiler Upgrade Scheme (Things to Consider)

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The UK Government has introduced a new Boiler Upgrade Scheme to reduce fossil fuel consumption and attain a zero emissions target by 2050. Aiming to replace inefficient boilers completely in the long run, the government has reserved a £60 million fund to make heating systems efficient and innovative. Based on the idea of heat decarbonisation, […]

All That You Should Know About Dormer Loft Conversions

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No one can deny that space shortage is a significant issue for UK homes. To cope with this problem, consider installing dormer loft conversions. It is the ideal way to have increased house floor and head space without altering the house footprint. If you want to transform your attic into a lush loft conversion, this […]

Ideal Logic L2 Fault Code Error, Its Causes and How to Fix

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The boiler shows different fault codes to indicate problems. In the case of an ideal logic L2 fault code, the boiler has a problem with the ignition, which causes it to go out of flame. The L2 fault has many reasons; regardless of the cause, your boiler won’t operate until the issue is fixed. This […]

How to Insulate a Loft Conversion? What to Consider?


A loft conversion is a great way to add extra living space to your home. But prior to appreciating your new space, you’ll need to insulate it properly. This will preserve your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter and also help reduce your energy bills. In this detailed guide, I’ll teach […]

House Extensions & Transformations without Planning Permission

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Building an extension in the UK holds immense significance, opening a realm of possibilities for homeowners. With each brick laid and every beam carefully placed, you unlock the key to unlocking new ways of comfort, style and elegance. Picture the joy of expanding your living space, adding an extra bedroom, or creating a personal oasis […]