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At OBS Limited, we provide comprehensive services regarding commercial plumbing. Our experts can help you with commercial system installation, maintenance and repair. We provide commercial plumbing services for restaurants, offices, schools or shopping centres; be it fixtures, water or piping systems that you need, our team can do it for you.

How Does Commercial Plumbing Differ from Domestic Plumbing?

  • Commercial properties have a complex plumbing system compared to residential properties, as it contains more pipes and outlets.
  • The system is complex as numerous pipes interconnect one floor to another.
  • Because toilets and sinks at commercial properties are used by both employees and customers, it has more significant demand than a residential plumbing system.
  • In simple words, residential plumbing is limited to small drain clogs, toilets or appliances, while commercial plumbing could involve massive pipe systems, large boilers and lift stations.
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Exclusive Commercial Plumbing Maintenance and Repair Services

We understand how plumbing problems can be disastrous if not catered to instantly. Even if you have a leak or clogged drain, it slows down your business, inconveniencing your employees and customers.

OBS Limited knows that you don’t want to slow down. Therefore, we provide exceptional commercial plumbing repair and maintenance services to keep things running efficiently.

Our commercial plumbing contractors are trained to assess and detect the problem and respond in a way that addresses the root cause of the problem. So, no matter the situation, our commercial plumbers ensure you get the most accurate and efficient plumbing services.

Call Us, If You Face Any of These Problems

Commercial plumbing systems are more prone to problems than residential ones; however, the plumbing system of a commercial building is frequently overlooked and can cause major plumbing issues. Therefore, if you face any of these issues, call one of our local commercial plumbers.

Toilet Clogs

In commercial places, toilets frequently face plumbing problems.  Clogged toilets can occur for various reasons, including flushing items that should not be flushed down the toilet.

Drain Clogs

If you frequently flush down paper towels or plastic bags, your drain will eventually be clogged. Call a professional right away and get rid of the issue.

Faucet Leaks

Defective washers and worn gaskets can be the reason for leaky faucets, and this can lead to wasted water and increased water bills. If you face this issue, our plumbers can replace the washers with new ones, leaving your faucets as good as new.

Silent Leaks

Silent leaks are one of the most common commercial plumbing issues, and these can cause severe damage to your property if ignored for a long time.

Signs of silent leaks include:

  • Water seepage and stains on the walls and ceilings
  • Running water even if the faucets are turned off
  • High water bills

Low Water Pressure

Various factors, including a clogged filter or damaged pipes in the system, could cause low water pressure in your commercial building. The best way to determine the cause of low water pressure is to contact a professional plumber, who can detect and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. We provide 24-hour commercial plumbing service, meaning you can call us any time of the day.

What Makes us a Better Choice?

  • We are the most reliable plumbing company, offering quick commercial plumbing installation, maintenance and repair services.
  • Our team is equipped with the latest tools and equipment.
  • We never compromise on quality. First, we detect the root cause of the problem before fixing it and making sure it never arises again.
  • We offer reasonable commercial plumbing cost.

Reasons for Hiring Professional Plumbing Services

Whether you are a businessman or property manager, you must have a water and pipe system that needs frequent maintenance. Residential issues may go unattended for a while, but unfortunately, that is not the case with commercial properties. Therefore, if you detect any minor problem, hire us for any commercial plumbing issue; we are the best commercial plumbing company around town.

We have the knowledge and experience

We are experts in this field, so we know how commercial properties can have different requirements. Our trained plumbers understand how to deal with the most challenging plumbing issues, and we can fix the issue as soon as possible.


Time is essential when it comes to burst pipes and water leaks. An inexperienced plumber cannot fix the issue timely; therefore, hiring experts that fix the problem quickly and within time is essential.

Advanced equipment

The right tools always deliver quality work. Our commercial plumbers have the right tools and equipment to deal with any plumbing repairs.


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