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An efficient plumbing system is vital for commercial premises as it helps supply clean water to the users and dump wastewater from sinks and toilets. Therefore, the plumbing network in your property should be regularly inspected for adequate maintenance if it is getting old. You must also update the pipe system to fit with modern fixtures and fittings properly.

However, you cannot perform all these tasks alone as they require a complete understanding of the complex network of pipes in the system. That’s’ why hiring professional plumbers is recommended, as they have all the knowledge and field expertise to carry out and complete the work with greater efficiency. They create secure connections between the internal piping network and brand-new fixtures.

OBS Facilities has professional commercial plumbers in London who proficiently work on complex, intricate, and large-scale projects. We have years of experience working with different clients, providing them with specialist services. Ensuring the availability of our plumbers when you need them the most, we undertake a highly responsive approach towards our customers.

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We offer premium quality plumbing services at competitive prices, ensuring to complete all the work smoothly and swiftly. Our company prides itself on providing invaluable experience to clients, dealing with all the challenging tasks efficiently.

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Situations When You Need Commercial Plumbers

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime and need to be resolved as soon as possible. The following are some of the situations when you need the assistance of plumbers:

Burst Pipes: You need to call experienced plumbers if you notice water leakage and dampness signs in your property’s walls and ceiling, as it can be due to burst pipes which need quick repairs.

Clogged Toilets: A clogged toilet can be annoying, causing stinking smells around the property due to a problem farther down the line; professional handling is required to resolve the raw sewage backflow issue.

Damaged Water Lines: Based on the level of water lines damage, there can be flooding inside the building, which should be resolved immediately to allow for efficient water flow into the sewer.

No Hot Water: There can be a problem with the water heater or boiler which supplies hot water throughout the commercial building, requiring repair to ensure the continuous hot water supply.


Slow Drains: In some cases, a slow or stopped drain can be dealt with and managed by yourself, but you need professional handling if a sink clog stops water flow throughout the entire building.

We Provide Efficient Installation Services

We are the leading plumbing contractors in London, providing efficient installation services for various components used in simple and complex pipe networks. These include:

Bathtubs & Showers: Our plumbers are an ideal choice for the secure installation of bathtubs and showers; we complete the work quickly, ensuring the safety of your premises.

Boilers: Our plumbers install boilers by effectively hooking up gas and water supplies, keeping them safe from other obstructions and fire hazard places inside the property.

Concealed Toilets: We install modern and aesthetically appealing sanitary ware in commercial toilets, which are easy to clean and according to today’s advanced world requirements.

Hand Basins & Taps: We efficiently install a large number of hand basins and taps in commercial properties and ensure no water leaks occur at any time, which can damage indoor spaces.

Pipes & Drains: Our professional plumbers fully comprehend the importance of pipes and drains for a property’s plumbing system, correctly installing all the fixtures to avoid breakage and leakage issues.


The breakage of pipes occurs due to an issue that has been persistent for quite a long time. For instance, some points of the pipe become weak over time due to corrosion, and some joints get loose. It can lead to break and damage the pipes, causing water leakages.

We have worked with various small to medium-sized business clients, including:

  • Building Contractors
  • Estate Agents
  • Housing Developments
  • Property Managers
  • And many more ….

If you notice leaks around your bathroom or toilet fixtures, there can be more significant leaks behind the wall, which can damage the walls, sub-floor structures, and ceilings of the rooms below. A leakage in a water pipe can also lead to sewage backup; therefore, it is crucial to resolve water leakage issues immediately to avoid property damage and costly repairs.

The cost of hiring a plumber usually ranges from £40 to £60 per hour.


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