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Since 1993, OBS Facilities have been providing remarkable boiler service Ealing. We are now expanding our work network and bringing exceptional services to Ealing. Whether you need to install a boiler or repair it, or there is an emergency, we are always there to serve you right. Sometimes, minor defaults call for repairs. However, on examination, if the default is a major one, our team would suggest the replacement of the boiler. The suggestion is made when there is no room for repair, and we do not want to risk your lives. We also provide the best emergency boiler repairs in Ealing.

We believe in client satisfaction supremacy and hence retain a large client base for future projects. As a company, we strive to provide each client with quality results on each penny they invest in their space. From floor planning to the final touch-ups to your house, we will provide efficient solutions to you.

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Efficient Boiler Installation Service in Ealing

Our team is efficient in their working. The boiler will be installed and running within a day or so. Here is our systematic work for the boiler installation in Ealing.

Get a Quote

First, you must visit our website and fill out some particulars. Within 30 minutes, you will receive a quote from our side, and a date will be set, and this date will be arranged according to your wish, ease and availability.

When is Boiler Repair Sufficient?

We do not offer boiler replacement Ealing when the boiler could come back to running with a little service or repairing a few parts. One of the common repairs is needed when water or gas is getting leaked. Once the leakage is stopped, the boiler is good to run again. Similarly, in situations like a broken thermostat, reducing water pressure, reinsulating, repairing any heating part, and so on, requires a little aid. Our team treats these repairs with the best care and tries to solve the problem on a low budget.

The company mastered the skill of site utilisation, master planning, design development, detailed construction and construction studies. So, worry a little less because we are here to handle all the construction stress.

However, sometimes the boiler is damaged to the extent that repair is insufficient. One problem may lead to the other, and temporary maintenance may direct to unpleasant events such as burning or bursting the boiler. Therefore, you need expert advice in fixing your boiler because safety is what matters at the end of the day.

We are Offering a Range of Boiler Services

OBS boiler installation Ealing offers a wide range of boilers. The range includes all types of gas boilers such as combi, heat and system. Among these, the most common are condensing boilers. They are known to be the best because of their long duration, low maintenance and efficiency.

Let's Talk About Your Project

Heating Engineers in Action

On the date decided, you will find our team at your doorstep, ready to provide you service. Our team is skilled and comfortable in dealing with any boiler. The old boiler will be removed through a process, and a new one will be installed. On installation, our team will explain the proper functioning of the boiler, and they will give you tips on keeping it running for a long time. We not only explain the process but make sure that you understand it and that there is no room for confusion.

Update the Records

After the entire process, we update our records. You are handed over with documents ad guarantees. The invoice is cleared on boiler installation, and no further payments will be made. Simultaneously, your boiler is registered as Gas Safe.

What About the Previous Boiler?

Before installing the new boiler, the old one is cleared from your property with care and caution. It is flushed and cleaned properly. Then it is taken away from your property without leaving any traces.

How are We the Right Fit for Boiler Services?

Once we work with our clients, they not only prefer us in the future, but they also recommend us to others. Among several reasons, here are a few quick ones to ponder over.

Gas Safe Registered Company

According to the British rules and regulations, only experienced and skilled engineers are allowed to handle equipment involving natural gas. Natural gas can be hazardous and can be fatal. Therefore, our company is known for its safe workings and best skill.

OBS Facilities services are the ones to contact for emergency boiler repair in Ealing. We are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Contact us on our helpline, and you will find our team at your help within no time. We are always ready to deal with any emergency. Our customers are valuable; therefore, we try to accommodate them.

Our clients with whom we work are provided with annual service and maintenance reminders from our company. These are provided to keep your boiler healthy for a long time, and it also helps in reducing your repair cost.

Provision of Guarantee

The guarantee we provide is from two to six years, which depends on factors such as the type, brand or quality of the boiler. Therefore, we provide genuine suggestions to our clients because we do not want to see you struggle with the most important thing in your homes.

Please Give Us the Opportunity!

Allow us to provide you with our services. Contact us for emergency boiler repair Ealing or further details and queries.


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Most of our business comes from word of mouth and it always pleases us to gain more testimonials from happy customers. We would welcome you to contact us for a chat about your plumbing, heating, or home improvement needs and we’d be happy to advise you without obligation.