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Loft Lights

What is Loft Lighting

Have you ever thought of how to better make use of the upper portion of your house that is littered with unused items, cobwebs, and dust? Uplifting it would be an obvious solution, but how to do that? The first step should be to improve its lighting. After all, loft lighting is one of the core services that are the heart of Loft Conversion Buckinghamshire.

Loft lighting is a process in which various equipment and methods are used to illuminate the darkest parts of the loft of a house. Exactly what type of lighting is used in the mostly ignored part of the house depends on what the loft owner plans on using it for. Whether to go for ambient-only lighting or add a task lighting solution depends on the planned outcome for the loft.

Why You Should Do It?

There are a few benefits of turning what is seemingly the most useless part of a house into a more usable piece of space. Let’s list them down and see whether we should all invest a little into our lofts and reap any of the resulting benefits, or just leave them be for the pointless waste of space that they are.

  • Improves the aesthetics of that part of your house, making it more visually appealing.
  • Results in a higher selling price for your house, as it now has an extra usable portion.
  • Proper lighting in the loft and a few improvements here and there could make the space liveable, which could further be rented out, resulting in higher financial returns.
  • A lack of task lighting in the loft, adding which will add to the utility of the space.
  • The lack of light being the only factor preventing you from using your loft properly.


Loft Lighting

Options for Loft Lighting

Deciding whether or not to get lighting services for your loft is just the first part of the process. Once your mind is made up that you want to go through the process, you have to consider what type of lighting you want for your loft. In order to help you make this decision, you have to have the final look in your mind about what you want to achieve with your loft. And once that is decided, will you be able to decide between the following forms of lighting:

Natural Lighting

This method of lighting will be well-suited to the loft that is to be used as nothing more than just storage space, or if the loft resident prefers this method of lighting. Natural lighting entails having a number of glass windows installed in the loft, allowing sunlight to enter unhindered.

Ceiling Lights

This is the most simple, straightforward, and versatile form of lighting for your loft. You can have just one or two ceiling lights to basically serve their purpose and illuminate the most crucial parts of the loft, or you can have an array of such lights in an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

Floor Lamps

These act as an alternative to loft ceiling lights in instances, although rare, when the installation of ceiling lights is out of the question. These provide ambient light to illuminate most of your loft space and also entail some degree of aesthetic charm.

Table Lamps

These are a form of task light and, hence, cannot substitute the ambient light sources such as ceiling lights or floor lamps. These are just used as aids while performing tasks such as reading, writing, or other forms of work. Furthermore, these can be placed on either side of a bed, a couch, or on a study table and elicit some degree of appeal for various people.

Pendant Lighting

These come in all different shapes and sizes, whether as clear bulbs hanging from the roof or in the form of chandeliers. Again, the choice of pendant lighting is up to the loft’s owner, whether they want a minimal design with just one or two bulbs or a fancier loft chandelier with a higher number of bulbs to illuminate their space.

Spot Lights

As the name suggests, this is a miniature version of the light used in a theater and the use this serves is that of illuminating certain parts that the loft owner wants highlighted.

Costs of Loft Lighting

There is no definitive answer to this question as the cost will depend on the type of lighting that you choose for your loft as well as the amount of it. The price for one unit of recessed light costs about £20 as well as £15 for a good quality switch. If you were to install this light manually, then there would be no installation costs involved. However, getting it done by a professional would cost extra, especially if internal circuitry work is to be done. If that is the case, then a minimum of £120 would have to be spent to install just one unit of light, depending on the complexity of the work. This is comprised of 30% materials cost and 70% labor charges. Needless to say, the cost will increase with the complexity of the work, with some jobs costing well over the £400 mark.

If you are looking to elevate your loft’s utility from something that is just a waste of space and building material to something rather more lavish, then look no further. Loft Conversion Buckinghamshire is an award-winning business known for its best-in-class renovation and building services.

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