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Gas boilers are essential to many homes and buildings, providing heating and hot water. When a gas boiler experiences a serious issue that prevents it from functioning correctly or poses a danger, it requires immediate attention and repair by a qualified professional.

Emergency gas boiler repair involves urgent fixing of the boiler that has stopped working, malfunctioned, broken down, or is posing a safety risk. However, this can be dangerous, so it requires calling professional emergency heating engineers as soon as possible.

On-Call Emergency Gas Boiler Repairs

OBS Facilities is your go-to solution for speedy boiler breakdown and central heating repairs. We provide fast fixes for all boiler-related issues with our 24/7 boiler repair services. Our engineers ensure a same-day emergency response, restoring warmth and comfort to your home without delay.

Emergency Gas Boiler Repair
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  • But if we can’t finish the repair right away, for instance when we need a special replacement part that we don’t have on hand, we’ll give you a fixed price for the job.
  • If we need to order parts, we usually acquire them within a day or two and then schedule another visit. If there’s a temporary solution to keep your boiler working until we return, our engineer will take care of that too.

What Counts as an Emergency Boiler Repair?

If you encounter any of the situations below, it’s essential to have a skilled engineer see your boiler:

Lack of Heat or Hot Water in Winter: Particularly when there are children at home, having no heating or hot water during the cold months is a serious concern.

Possible Gas Leak: Whether natural gas or carbon monoxide, if you suspect a gas leak, immediately call a repair service to ensure safety.

Other than these instances that require an immediate call-out, there are many situations when you need gas boiler repairs:

  • The boiler displays panel error codes
  • Broken valves, pumps, and burners
  • Frequent loss of boiler pressure
  • Boiler ignition problems
  • Banging noises (kettling effect)
  • Water leaks from pipework
  • Damaged printed circuit boards
  • Errors in the thermostatic controls
  • Faulty programmers and timers
  • Issues with underfloor heating

How Do We Deal with Your Boiler?

When we come to your place, we aim to promptly identify the fault. If we have the necessary parts, we often fix your boiler immediately.

What Faults Can We Fix in No Time?

OBS Facilities knows how to fix all kinds of issues with boilers and central heating systems. If you’re dealing with any of these problems, give us a call right away:

  1. No hot water
  2. Issues with the pilot light
  3. Unusual noises from the boiler – banging, gargling
  4. Water is dripping from the boiler
  5. Energy bills have risen
  6. Cold spots on radiators
  7. The boiler exhibits error codes
  8. Kettling
  9. System pump flaws
  10. Low pressure
  11. Thermostat faults
  12. Gas leaks
  13. The boiler switched itself off
  14. Sludge in the system

We’re also experts at handling other problems like 3 port valves, zone valves, mid-position valves, wall thermostats, cylinder thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves, and programmable wireless room thermostats (RF thermostats).


It’s not recommended unless you’re fully trained and accredited. Doing gas work without proper training is dangerous and can lead to costly mistakes. You should always hire a Gas Safe engineer for this purpose.


Yes, providing 24-hour boiler repair services, we handle jobs of all sizes. We believe in promptly addressing small problems to prevent them from becoming larger and more expensive ones.


Yes, we’re usually able to fix most problems during a single visit to your home or business. However, if we need to get certain parts that aren’t available at the time, we will order them and revisit your site to fit them in our next visit.


To prevent your boiler or central heating system from breaking down, it’s best to have it serviced annually. Regular servicing helps identify and address potential issues before they turn into major breakdowns.

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