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Old boilers become less efficient with time, requiring regular servicing and repairs to keep them working at an optimum level. OBS Facilities provides expert boiler services, including emergency boiler repair in Croydon and surrounding areas, since 1993. With 30 years of industry experience, we have delivered over 560 satisfied projects to our clients.

Our Boiler Service Process

Our boiler service engineers undertake different checks during boiler service and complete the process in the following steps:

  • Visual inspection is done to check the condition of the boiler.
  • Flue is checked to see if it is clear and appropriately fitted.
  • Controls of the boiler are checked to ensure their adequate working.
  • Safety devices are monitored to ensure their proper functioning.
  • Gas pressure is assessed to keep it at an optimum level.
  • Components are evaluated to see if they require cleaning.
  • Documentation is done by creating a report of all the checks done by the engineer.
Emergency Boiler Repair Croydon
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Combi-Storage Boiler

This boiler combines the best features of combi and system boilers, offers storage for improved flow rates to multiple hot water outlets and also provides hot water on demand like a combi boiler. It has built-in storage, is easy to install, and is comparatively cheaper.

Boilers We Deal In

Based on Their Functionality

Combination Boiler

A combination boiler provides central heating and supplies hot water from a single unit, eliminating the installation of a separate hot water tank. This boiler is connected to the mains supply of cold water and heats water with the help of a metallic heat exchanger by burning fuel on demand.

It gives your home space a neater look, can be serviced easily, is energy efficient and cheaper to maintain, provides instant heating, is easy to install, and saves money with reduced energy bills.

Conventional Boiler

It is also known as a regular boiler or heat-only boiler. This boiler heats the radiators directly, warming the water from a separate cold-water tank to provide hot water through your taps.

It supplies water to multiple taps, works on low pressure, saves money, and is compatible with solar heating sources.

System Boiler

There is a hot water cylinder in a system boiler, and it has built-in pumps and valves; therefore, it is also named a closed-vent boiler or system-sealed boiler.

It is quicker to install, saves space, and is less susceptible to leaks and freezing on cold days.

Boilers Based on the Type of Fuel Used

Oil Boiler

An oil boiler works as a conventional boiler, uses oil as a fuel instead of gas, and does not require access to a mains supply but requires high maintenance.

Biomass Boiler

This boiler utilises wood pellets, chips, or logs for generating heat, and the cost of each fuel varies. A biomass boiler is cheaper than gas and oil boilers and is energy-efficient.

Gas Boiler

It looks like a big furnace and can be controlled by a thermostat. It acts as a heater by pumping hot water through your radiators to heat your home, and provides hot water for bathing and washing purposes by heating up the water tank or container.

Electric Boiler

An electric boiler uses the electricity from the mains supply to heat the cold water by passing an electric current through a heating element instead of burning gas. It can be connected with your central heating system for heating water in radiators and providing hot water to your showers and taps.

Advantages of Boiler Service

Boiler service includes performing several checks to ensure the safe and optimum working of the residential and commercial boilers. Getting regular boiler servicing provides the following advantages:

  • It makes your boiler energy-efficient by reducing energy wastage.
  • It reduces your household energy bills.
  • It saves you from unpredictable boiler breakdown.
  • It helps in identifying the system faults before they worsen.
  • It saves you money by avoiding more significant repairs or replacement costs.
  • It identifies the leaks and other safety risks beforehand to keep the boiler in good working condition.
  • It keeps the boiler’s warranty valid.

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OBS Facilities houses specialised boiler engineers providing expert boiler services in Croydon to ensure operational boiler performance. Contact us to avail of our 24-hour services.

Emergency Gas Boiler Repair
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It is suggested to get boiler services annually so that the faults can be identified and repaired before they get serious and the boiler continues to operate efficiently.

A boiler service usually takes an hour to complete based on the boiler's age and the time when it was serviced previously.

Boilers can be categorised into different types depending on various factors, such as:

  • Working pressure
  • Working temperature
  • Fuel type
  • Boiler size
  • Boiler capacity

Some of the common boiler repairs include repairing gas leaks, cleaning filters, improving efficiency, dealing with loud noise, and replacing damaged parts.


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